Chairman: Cheryl Costantino
1st Vice Chairman: Abe Munfakh
2nd Vice Chairman: Torion Bridges
Treasurer: Pauline Montie
Secretary: LuAnn McGowan


Representative Members
11th District
Sue Brams
Dillon Breen
Lucy Fritz
Kurt Heise
Cyndie Laframboise
Jim McFerran
Abe Munfakh
Richard Sharland 
Cyndie Laframboise
Julie Van Ameyde
12th District
LuAnn McGowan 
Pauline Montie
Robert Boyd
Frankie Middleton
Joe Lenard
Loretta Wilson
Laurie McHugh
Eric Johnson
13th District
Torion Bridges
Christopher Ewald
Cynthia Graham
Edward Haroutunian
Kathleen Kopczyk
Valerie Parker
Ryan Patrosso
Mark Price
Frank Raymore Jr.
14th District
 Cheryl Costantino
Elaine Wynn
Guy Foremski
Marcos Corcoran
Walter Koppy
Mayra Rodriguez
Donzell Green
Kurt O'Keefe
Paul Smith


Chairmen Emeritus
Edward Haroutunian
Thaddeus McCotter
Margaret Van Houten
Krista Haroutunian
Susan Chmielewski
William Runco
Symantha Heath
Dillon Breen


Representative Members are the voting body of the WCRC and are appointed for a 2 year term by the chairpersons of the Wayne 11th, Wayne 12th, 13th, and Wayne 14th Congressional District Republican Committees.

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